Brand Philosophy

The core is the central and most important point of our training, it is the source of energy that motivates and moves our entire body. For this reason, reaching the core is our goal, it is the image and physical condition that you will achieve as part of our movement. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the core is within your reach ... You just have to move, the right way.


We are a training center with a functional discipline that adapts to the needs of its clients, regardless of their fitness level or physical condition.

We combine all the benefits of a training center with the ease of a personalized training based on functional movements specially designed to motivate and give energy.


We are an option for men and women, whether they are busy people who want to look good, lose weight or fitness lovers who are in search of a new type of training that further challenges their physical performance. We seek to transform the need to exercise into an entertaining and invigorating activity that uses body movement as a source of energy.

Brand Philosophy

Having your place of work in shared spaces is like being part of a large company, which will have the essence of your own company in the future. Only instead of having colleagues from different departments, you will be surrounded by different professionals with similar interests.


You will take the next step, elevating your company experience to the fullest, while enjoying moments of rest and recreation in an environment that pleases your senses. 

We are specialized work spaces that allow you to take the next step in your company, providing all the resources you need to grow. We seek that those who use them feel that they are part of something important and incredible, that they have the essence of what their own company will be in the future.


We are dynamism, collaboration and quality for entrepreneurs, freelancers and all those who wish to work in a professional site. We want to provide a suitable place to work where it is a pleasure to develop and grow.


Brand Concept


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Brand Designed for Brnd Consulting

Creative Director Carlos Tang

Graphic Designer Adriana Gutiérrez

Strategist & Copywriter Daniela Cárdenas